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In-Home Services

Faith, Hope & Charity’s Community Services Center opened in Storm Lake, Iowa in 2000, through the generous support of our community. Our facility consists of a large multipurpose room, sensory room, game room, large kitchen with dining area, two large bathrooms, two offices and a medical room. A large fenced-in backyard includes a large patio, a playground with swings, and a picnic table.

Our Community Services Program provides qualified Direct Service Providers to support a child while they continue to live at home. We do this by providing a variety of services for children ages birth to twenty-one.


Respite care is a service provided to children and their families. It is designed to support care givers by offering relief for short periods of time, whether it be for an hour or for a weekend. Services are individualized to the family's needs and may be provided in the family home, our Community Services Center (CSC), or out in the community. Additionally, we offer a group weekend respite program twice a month when families may bring children to the CSC on Friday evening and return Sunday to take their child home, or children may attend for a partial weekend.  Respite Care services are scheduled at the family's request. Faith, Hope & Charity is able to coordinate week long respite care options as well.


SCL is an educational service for the child. With the help of their family and case management team, a service plan is developed to identify objectives for the child to achieve related to life skills, and our SCL staff works with the child 1:1 to achieve planned goals. These individualized services are provided in the family home or within the community dependent upon task.  SCL services are available under the Intellectual Disabilities Waiver and the Brain Injury Waiver.


Let Faith, Hope & Charity assist you in making adaptations to your home or vehicle that are necessary for the health, safety and welfare of your child.  All modifications are designed to enable your child to function with greater independence, (wheelchair ramps, bath chairs, remodeling, adaptive equipment, etc.). Along with the supplier/licensed contractor, and your child’s case management team, we assure the modifications are completed. These services are provided under the Intellectual Disabilities Waiver, Brain Injury Waiver, Health & Disabilities Waiver and the Children's Mental Health Waiver.


Funding is provided through the Iowa Medicaid Program (TXIX) or private dollars.  For the majority of individuals, the Iowa Medicaid Program is administered by private health insurance companies that are responsible to determine eligibility for ICF/ID services through their assessment process.


Our Community Services Program is available to eligible children and young adults without regard to race, color, creed, citizenship, national origin, sex, sexual preference or religion.  We consider individuals for our program who: 

  • Are between the ages of birth and twenty-one (21) years of age
  • Live in a certain geographical area depending on who is providing the services and consumer transportation needs
  • For whom waiver funding has been approved by the case manager unless consumer is paying privately


  • Active or acute stage communicable diseases, or require continuous strict isolation in the context of group care services, however it may be possible to provide services for such individuals on a 1:1 basis
  • Narcotic, alcohol, or chemical dependencies
  • Behavior that poses a serious continuing threat to themselves or others
  • Maternity care needs
  • Medical needs which in the judgement of the child or young adult's physician cannot be met within the FHC Community Services Program 

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