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Cory and Christi are the proud parents of Trace, a thirteen year-old young man currently living here at Faith, Hope & Charity.  When asked what the family appreciates most from their experience with FHC, Christi responds, “We were able to get Trace back; his personality; his spirit.  All of our family agrees that it’s just so nice having his laughter and his jokes back.”

The second of four children, Trace came into the world early and fighting for his life.  His parents Cory and Christi talk of his traumatic birth and their experiences during the first few years of his life as they committed to facing each challenge and making sure that Trace would thrive.  There were lots of ups and downs over the years, culminating with struggles that landed Trace in the hospital at nine years old.  “It was obvious something was going wrong, but they didn’t know if it was being caused by the medication or changes in his condition,” Christi tells us.  With the advice of their case manager, Cory and Christi made the decision to place Trace in a rehabilitation center in Wisconsin.

Trace was taken off all medication, and evaluated, and a new medical plan put in place.  He slowly began to make progress.  Cory tells us, “The environment was very aseptic, not warm at all.  Our case workers monitored his progress carefully so we could get him moved as soon as he was ready.”  Trace attended school and lived at the center for just under two and a half years.  The family made the drive a minimum of once a month for visits and Trace was eventually able to make some visits home as well.  While they knew Trace was getting the care he needed, Cory and Christi knew that the clinical environment of the rehab center was not the place for Trace.

In 2015, it became apparent that Trace’s status had improved and he was ready to move on.  The family began looking for placement closer to home in West Des Moines, and with the recommendation of their case worker, Cory and Christi checked out Faith, Hope & Charity.  “Trace was really anxious, and I think we were prepared to hate it, but we were impressed with the “home” environment, and everyone was really friendly.  We loved it.”

The family noticed a difference early.  With less distance to travel for visits, Trace is able to interact with his siblings and other family members more frequently.  “He’s close enough that we can come up to see him at school, or if he’s having a bad day we can come up and take him to dinner.  There’s a big difference between a 13 hour round-trip and a 5 hour trip.”  With the extra time the family is able to spend together, they are all finding the peace that comes from knowing all is well.

His laughter, his face splitting grin, and that mischievous twinkle in his eye that hints at his great sense of humor, are just a few of Trace’s charming characteristics.  After speaking with his family it is obvious where he gets his sense of humor, and it is clear that humor is a key to this family’s strength.  While there will likely be challenges ahead, Faith, Hope & Charity is proud to be a part of their journey, and we are committed to providing the needed care and support for Trace and his family.

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