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 SLPD Thanks Visit2

On March 25th, residents of our Transition Home stopped by the Storm Lake Police Department to show our appreciation for the patrol officers and Storm Lake Police Department.  In addition to home baked cookies, the residents presented pictures and notes of thanks!



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On behalf of Faith, Hope & Charity, we would like to thank everyone in Storm Lake and the surrounding communities for your generous support of Faith, Hope & Charity’s LOSE THE WINTER BLUES, our annual benefit concert event this past Saturday, February 4th at King’s Pointe Waterpark Resort.  With the support of our sponsors, many wonderful donors and our attendees, we were able to raise $7,100!  All proceeds allow us to fulfill our mission, “To improve the lives of children and young adults with special needs by promoting independence and individuality.”


We are so very grateful for the support we receive!  Every dollar you donate makes a difference and allows us to continue caring for young people with special needs. It is our honor to recognize the following donors who contributed between October 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.



We are extremely grateful for our Special Friends!  The Holidays provide us with opportunities to get everyone together and celebrate our blessings.  On November 17th, we hosted our annual Thanksgiving Potluck and the kids loved all the delicious dishes and welcoming guests.  Our annual Christmas party provided even more excitement with a visit from Santa Claus!  With cookies and punch to enjoy, the kids opened presents, played and visited with guests. 

We are looking for individuals to join our Special Friends program.  If you would like to volunteer to be a Special Friend to a Special Child, please contact Carol Williams or Sarah Babcock at 712.732.5127


Faith, Hope & Charity hosted a Legislative Coffee for state and local legislators on December 2nd, 2016 to discuss disability-related issues that state legislators will be addressing in the next Legislative session beginning in January.  Senator Mark Segebart (R-Vail) and Representative Gary Worthan (D-Storm Lake) attended the event held at FHC’s Community Service Center.



Cory and Christi are the proud parents of Trace, a thirteen year-old young man currently living here at Faith, Hope & Charity.  When asked what the family appreciates most from their experience with FHC, Christi responds, “We were able to get Trace back; his personality; his spirit.  All of our family agrees that it’s just so nice having his laughter and his jokes back.”

The second of four children, Trace came into the world early and fighting for his life.  His parents Cory and Christi talk of his traumatic birth and their experiences during the first few years of his life as they committed to facing each challenge and making sure that Trace would thrive.  There were lots of ups and downs over the years, culminating with struggles that landed Trace in the hospital at nine years old.  “It was obvious something was going wrong, but they didn’t know if it was being caused by the medication or changes in his condition,” Christi tells us.  With the advice of their case manager, Cory and Christi made the decision to place Trace in a rehabilitation center in Wisconsin.

Trace was taken off all medication, and evaluated, and a new medical plan put in place.  He slowly began to make progress.  Cory tells us, “The environment was very aseptic, not warm at all.  Our case workers monitored his progress carefully so we could get him moved as soon as he was ready.”  Trace attended school and lived at the center for just under two and a half years.  The family made the drive a minimum of once a month for visits and Trace was eventually able to make some visits home as well.  While they knew Trace was getting the care he needed, Cory and Christi knew that the clinical environment of the rehab center was not the place for Trace.



Faith, Hope & Charity received a $23,059 van grant from Variety-The Children’s Charity.  The funds have been used to purchase a 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan.  According to Cindy Wiemold, Executive Director, “It would certainly be a challenge for Faith, Hope & Charity to keep up an adequate fleet of safe and well-maintained vehicles for our children if it were not for the generosity of Variety.  We place a high priority on getting our kids involved in our community, and we are very appreciative of Variety’s support of that commitment.”


Faith, Hope & Charity is excited to welcome incoming FHC Board member Connie Skibsted, and FHC Foundation Board members Jake Schable and Patti Todd. All have a lengthy history as active members of the Storm Lake community with strong commitment to special needs children and their families. Their leadership contributions to our organization will play an important role in the future of FHC and our mission: to improve the lives of children and young adults with special needs by promoting independence and individuality.


Faith, Hope & Charity is proud to recognize our donors who have generously donated between July 1, 2016 and September 30, 2016.  We are grateful for EVERY donation, no matter the size; your support makes a difference in the lives of the children we serve.

We strive to make this list as complete and accurate as possible.  If you notice an error or omission, please contact Carol Williams at 712.732.5127 to bring it to our attention, and please accept our apologies.



On behalf of Faith, Hope & Charity, we would like to extend our gratitude to the HyNoon Kiwanis Community Sailing Club.  Their community sailing event was a summer favorite for our children here at Faith, Hope & Charity. 

While it is evident from the smiles and excited squeals and giggles, one young man says it all with a shout, “It was awesome!”

Over the course of three evenings, several of our children had the opportunity to sail out onto the lake, feel the wind in their hair and glide across the lake.  When an evening sail had to be canceled due to rain, the club graciously scheduled an alternative date to ensure that all interested children had a chance to participate.

We are extremely grateful to the HyNoon Kiwanis for their support of children in our community, and most especially for their support of our children here at Faith, Hope & Charity


ZONEFaith, Hope & Charity would like to extend a very sincere THANK YOU to the folks at Zone Home Entertainment here in Storm Lake.  In addition to committing a portion of their sales during their recent GRAND OPENING, the team at the Zone also encouraged patrons to contribute by keeping Faith, Hope & Charity donation tubs in the store.

“We are so grateful for everything the Zone has done for us,” Carol Williams, Development Director commented, “not only through this contribution, but through their continued support of Faith, Hope & Charity and the families and children we serve.  This spring they donated their time and labor for the installation of our new sound system in our MPR.  Their generosity helped so much with the overall project.”


Faith, Hope & Charity would like to share our appreciation with the Storm Lake and surrounding communities as we say, “Thank you,” for the service of our retiring members of our Faith, Hope & Charity Board of Directors, as well as our FHC Foundation Board of Directors. 



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“We hear incredible stories everyday here at Faith, Hope & Charity.” You may remember that phrase from our Annual Campaign; you may also remember Justina.  As donors and friends, we want to share with you an inspirational story that was recently shared by Michele Maguire, Resident Coordinator here at Faith, Hope & Charity. 

Michele works with Justina, and has done an amazing job recently of working with staff & community to create an opportunity for her to participate as a member of the “White Caps,” our Storm Lake Swim Team.  Swimming is a favorite activity for Justina, and becoming part of the team was a dream come true.  The following story of how this young woman with a dream, along with a dedicated staff and a community came together to make a difference.  In Michele’s words…



 In 2002, Faith, Hope & Charity's Auxillary Board, now our Special Friends Program, was created to pair members of the community with children here in our care facility. At that first meeting thirteen years ago, forty volunteers signed up to open their hearts for a special child. Tracee Dierenfield was one of the forty present at that first meeting, and she has been sharing her heart and her family with Danielle ever since. 

During a recent visit, the Dierenfield family sat down to share their experience in the “Special Friends” program.  As Russ, Tracee, Grace and Holly accompanied Danielle to our family room, it was obvious that they are much more than friends. They are family. In a lively conversation filled with lots of smiles and laughter, Danielle and the Dierenfield’s shared their story…

“Mary Sorenson-Ludwig [former Development Director at FHC] got a group of us together for a meeting, wanting to line up a friend for each child, just for birthdays and Christmas,” Dierenfield says.  “I asked to be paired with someone that would be a good match for Grace, who was five at the time.”  Another five year girl, Danielle, was paired with the family and their friendship began.

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