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From the Beginning...

Faith, Hope & Charity was founded by two Storm Lake families in 1967.

It was when Dr. Fred (Doc) and Rose Faine and their five children welcomed baby Brenda into the Faine family that they realized they were not alone. Mike and Mary Smith welcomed baby Becky, the pride of her brothers and sisters.

Time passed and Becky and Brenda grew older in an atmosphere of love and care; however, the needs of these children required more and more attention as they grew, taking precedence over the needs of their siblings’ .

Routines would soon change for the Faine’s, Smith’s and other families of children with special needs. One fateful morning Doc and Rose were shopping for a new car when they ran into Mike Smith. Mike was auctioning a house on Ontario Street and asked Doc for a bid.

“What in the world would I do with a house? I have a comfortable, suitable one,” Doc replied.

Mike continued as a good salesman would. “How about shooting me a bid?” What do you think it’s worth?”

Doc made a bid so low he was certain the house would not be his. That evening, however, Mike dropped by to inform Doc that he was the proud new owner of the house, and the deal was made.

The house was in great need of repair and sat vacant for some time. One quiet evening at the Faine home Doc jumped up as if a light snapped on, exclaiming “I know!, I know what we’ll do with that house! Let’s see about making it a home to care for our Brenda, and others like her needing special care.” Dr. Fred Faine’s vision was born.

On December 4, 1967, Faith, Hope & Charity of Storm Lake, Iowa, Inc. was created. The name, created by Dr. Faine, described the home’s philosophy: “Faith in our hearts, hope in the future and charity, the provider.”

A Historical View ...

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